Generous display and convenient touch controls for comfortable work!

The new, attractive 18 cm, colour operating field of the dentist element is as large as a tablet PC. This creates lots of space for a better overview
and convenient control – all at your fingertips! Extra plus: The display corresponds exactly to your large vision U monitor.
This means that the settings on the status bar are synchronised and easy to read.

Movable dentist element for more flexibility

Either movable or firmly connected: It's your choice.

Depending on the new treatment unit, you can either mount the new dentist element
in a fixed position on the swiveling arm or use it as a movable dentist element – in either case, it serves you well! The cart version offers unlimited mobility all around
the patient and more freedom in your seated and standing therapy positions.
Cart movement is completely silent and smooth due to its stable and durable rollers.

Either of the new dentist elements is easy to operate:
Via the programmable foot pedal or touch on the large colour display.

Colour display with touch control

From treatment unit to instruments – versatile programs
can be easily accessed by touch.

All settings can be controlled with a light touch of the fingers whenever you need:
Precisely and very comfortably.

  • Set the position of your chair
  • Select 16 instrument programs at four controller levels
  • Activate the RKI function directly via the touch display