Achieve effective benefits more efficiently!

By documenting all data before, during and after treatment as well as using the person-specific storage options, vision U greatly
simplifies your quality assurance and also increases data security in your practice.

vision U enables you to protocol all data logically with repeatable results.

Its extensive protocol functions let vision U record all data from before, during and after treatment. You have the option of documenting the materials you use during treatment: The vision U intraoral camera can scan various barcodes with the integrated barcode reader or create and store photos of these articles.

This gives you a degree of repeatability that offers important advantages for many practice requirements – including potential complaints.

Support for greater process security: vision U can identify your employees, for example.

Easy and fast: Your employees' QR codes can be generated with the vision U browser application. These codes are identified by the QR scanner of your intraoral camera – which then authorises access to the system. In this manner, all further documented work steps are linked directly to specific personnel.

These include detailed hygiene and cleaning processes, which vision U displays in a clearly organised manner on the large monitor: The measures are matched to the logged on team member and confirmed by this person with the touch of a finger after completion – for better quality management!

Rely on vision U – and gain more security and simpler quality management!

The advantages of easier quality management with vision U are apparent. Sources of error are minimised, misunderstandings or confusion prevented and documentation security maximised in the case of any complaints.

This supports smooth processes and as a result, more efficient work – which is good for you, your nerves and your budget!