Keeping everything running perfectly!

In modern dental practices, technical equipment failures and the associated downtime are
a significant cost and time factor. To prevent this, vision U assures continual system control,
saves data for your quality management and if desired, even enables remote diagnosis of any malfunctions by your service provider. This makes it easy to save time, money and last but not
least – avoid the irritation of waiting for repairs!

With vision U, you are on the safe side: Messages about required maintenance or
technical problems prevent or reduce downtime.

Who has not had the following experience: Your days work is planned – but then the equipment develops a fault. To reduce this possibility, the vision U integrated maintenance platform offers support in confirming when maintenance is required and the components that need changing
as the technical status is always displayed. In addition, the operating hours counter for all essential treatment unit components always keeps you updated. Furthermore, vision U warns you about any disruption, technical defect or malfunction of instruments, treatment unit or foot control as well
as drive systems, water quality or suction. Any and all program errors are displayed, minimising downtime and ensuring you make informed decisions regarding repair and maintenance. Maintaining optimal readiness of your valuable technical equipment, at all times!

In case your equipment needs anything: vision U gets you to the right solution faster –
even via remote diagnosis!

The status display of the maintenance platform gives a continuous overview and if an unexpected problem occurs, that is not always apparent, gives the service support technician the information required to quickly resolve the problem. If necessary, this can be done quickly and conveniently via remote diagnostics through vision U by your service support team off site. For data protection it is important to note that the offsite technician can access chair data only, in one controlled diagnostic session. Please note, vision U cannot be directly connected to the Internet. Ensuring there is no danger of data being hacked by an external source. However you must ensure that all connected
PCs are secure with an antivirus program!

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