How vision U creates a more relaxed atmosphere

Pleasant waiting times on the treatment chair – is that possible? vision U creates the preconditions for this:
Your patients can choose from various entertainment or information films and thus relax more. This certainly makes your work
easier and promotes a pleasant atmosphere.

Greeting by name

First, the personal welcome!

vision U is programmed to be friendly: As soon as your patients enter
the treatment room, they are greeted by name on the large multi-touch monitor –
which shows client appreciation.

Information and entertainment on the monitor

Interactive information or entertainment videos: Programs can be selected by touch
and enjoyed on the large monitor.

If you like, you can give your patients a choice of various films or informational videos. vision U saves your videos in a database; of course, you can also offer your own videos,
e.g. about your practice. Your patients simply open the desired film by touching the multi-
touch monitor. This lets them interact and bridge waiting times in an entertaining or informative manner. This reduces fear or nervousness and the time until treatment is perceived as shorter, improving the treatment experience. Important to know: All sensitive data is protected; no one can access them without the right password.