Visual support simplifies diagnosis and consultation

Sound advice is an important element that gains your patients' trust in your treatment. In this respect, vision U also offers you
extensive support: The excellent display possibilities for 2D and 3D images on the large high-resolution multi-touch monitor simplify
diagnosis and treatment planning. This visual support lets your patients see for themselves – for vivid dentist-patient consultations!

All images on the screen: You and your patients have the right thing in view in no time at all!

You can load images from the patient file quickly and conveniently onto the vision U monitor via touch gestures – thanks to the integrated 2D and 3D viewer.

New images from your vision U intraoral camera are shown in real time – and
are especially striking in up to 250 x magnification. This really impresses patients!

Externally created images can be imported to the monitor easily via the USB port – and then saved in the patient's record.

Select, rotate and zoom with smart gestures: This way, your patients get more out of visualisation!

All image representation functions can be elegantly and precisely controlled using smart gestures on the multi-touch monitor,
right in front of your patient's eyes. This saves time and enables precise focus on the most important details. In addition, the convenient size
of the monitor gives you a better overview when selecting stored images; all details are highly precise for better assessment.