The perfect tool for patient affirmation and understanding

vision U gives you the visual support to simplify your work – easy to control, visual clarity and
a wealth of intelligent features!

Perfect visualisation for diagnosis and consultation: With vision U, with simple sweeps of
your fingers you can see the finest detail in any image.

Striking imagery at your fingertips: vision U makes it easy for you! Intuitive one- and two-finger gestures let you rotate or zoom instantly and assist in patient understanding of the treatment plan and diagnosis.

Use 2D and 3D viewers or interpret x-rays: For a new dimension of high-quality images in
your practice.

Now, you can retrieve, enlarge or view 2D and 3D imagery at the stroke of a finger, for improved observation and easier diagnosis! Of course, vision U fulfills all requirements for use as an x-ray diagnosis monitor (after acceptance in the practice). During all procedures, your patient is able to view these processes for better understanding and affirmation – an important advantage for your consultations.

Integrated intraoral camera with multiple benefits: Razor-sharp images, QR and barcode scanning give you even more flexibility.

Your vision U intraoral camera delivers real time, razor-sharp images: Autofocus and
250 x magnification ensures high quality pictures that make an immediate impact on your patients. In addition, the camera recognises your practice team's QR codes and allows them access to the system. Furthermore, barcodes on sterile instrument packaging or specimens can be added
to the patient record for seamless documentation. Of course, all intraoral camera functions can be controlled conveniently and hygienically with the foot pedal!

All settings at a glance: The clearly organized status display on the monitor simplifies your work!

During treatment, the large status display on the vision U monitor continually updates you on the current instrument settings on your dental unit. If you change these settings with the foot control, the new data is displayed in real time – saving continuous checking of the dentist element.

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Video: Handling of the 2D Viewer

Video: Handling of the 3D Viewer

Video: Unit Settings Display on the Monitor

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