Benefit from intelligent data management

vision U offers intelligent data management that equips your practice for the future and makes your daily tasks simpler, more convenient
and more efficient. Logically guided applications at various user levels let you create and manage data with unprecedented ease. In addition,
its sophisticated processing generates all necessary preconditions for optimal safety. For your patients and your practice team.

vision U personally welcomes each of your patients – enhancing that personal experience!

Thanks to special tools, your patients are greeted by name and with an individually selectable entertainment program, even before you begin their consultation
or treatment. This helps to build a personal and relaxed atmosphere that ensures a comfortable and reassuring experience. And if patients do have to wait, informative films and entertainment programs bridge the waiting time.

Easy data retrieval: vision U provides all necessary information at lighting speed!

Whether you need your patient data
or prerecorded imagery from the practice network (data exchange via VDDS interface), the data is instantly loaded
onto the large, high-resolution vision U touchscreen without delay, even during the patient's treatment!
Would you like to view the practice data from your workstation on the vision U monitor? Thanks to integrated VNC and an additional HDMI-IN Port, this is no problem for vision U. With this kind of professional support, you can concentrate on consultation and treatment – and thanks to vision U, your patients are kept visually informed.

Saving new data according to patient? vision U makes you an organisational genius!

With vision U, you put everything in the right place – effortlessly. From new information to the razor-sharp images from the intraoral camera. 
It's simplicity itself to create, edit or add to patient data and treatment plans. In addition, all data is logged before, during and after treatment. This simplifies not only patient management, but also helps prevent error, misunderstanding and reclamation.

Rapid and convenient integration of external data:
The integrated USB port makes such information available immediately! It's also easy to import external images in JPG or DICOM format
to vision U directly into your patient's record! vision U supports your treatment planning in an exemplary manner.