No more nerve-racking running around and searching for information! vision U bundles all information for you:
It's easy to access and patient-based. It's also easier to prepare invoices – treatments can be more easily tracked and matched
with the correct patient.

Opening of patient-specific data directly on the monitor

With vision U, you always have the right information at hand – simply by
touching the middle of the screen.

vision U enables all patient data to be saved and retrieved – centrally on the
vision U multi-touch monitor. Whether it's information on the patient, his treatment
or the retrieval or upload of external images (via USB port, directly to the monitor!):
Now you can retrieve all necessary elements quickly and in a clearly organised manner directly to the screen – for ideal treatment preparation or a seamless treatment

Status display on the monitor

Thanks to the vision U status display, everyone is always up to date.

The large status display on the screen always keeps the treatment team aware
of all important settings on the treatment unit and instruments. All changes made
during the treatment are displayed.

VNC connection to the practice network

vision U also gets along well with your practice network.

With vision U, you can also use the patient-specific data you already have in your
practice network – and from your practice network, you can access all data in vision U,
e.g. for billing purposes. Mirroring screen information from a PC in your dental practice to vision U can be done via a VNC connection and an additional HDMI-IN Port. As a result the established workflow (e.g. operation of the internal intraoral camera) stays the same.